Leading by Example

At Volvo, we are driving towards a more sustainable future. In partnership with Castrol® and Heritage-Crystal Clean, we are helping to create a process to safely recycle, reuse, or dispose of waste products generated through service.

It's our responsibility

Sustainability is fundamental to everything we do at Volvo Cars. Our ultimate mission is to work towards a smarter, more sustainable future. With climate neutrality as our goal, we embrace the circular economy and work to conduct our business operations in an environmentally responsible manner.

Working Towards A More Sustainable Future

Every Volvo Cars' engine leaves the factory filled with Castrol EDGE®. Both Volvo and Castrol embrace circular economy principles with efforts to reduce waste. Volvo is pleased to partner with Castrol on their first co-branded sustainability project to recycle engine oil and other automotive fluids from Volvo retailer workshops.

Partnering to Make a Difference

Volvo Cars and Castrol have selected Heritage-Crystal Clean to recycle engine oil, coolant, oil filters and both hazardous and non-hazardous goods from Volvo workshops. Heritage-Crystal Clean is a national leader in environmental services that specializes in re-refining, reusing and recycling materials into a circular supply chain. Working together, this program will help our workshops recycle these materials, contributing to a more sustainable future.

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